Registration 2022

Registration is CLOSED.

Elementary School: Updated Classes/Elementary (K-5th)

Middle School: Updated Classes/Middle School (5th-8th)

High School: Updated Classes/High School (9th-12th)

Adult Classes: Course Catalogue Adult Classes 21_22.pdf

2022/2023 HOME Registration

Dates: Beginning Wednesday, July 28th at 8 AM and closing Friday, August 6th at 8 PM.

Step 1

Fill out and submit a HOME membership application.

  • Here is the form: MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION 2021-22.pdf

  • Include all of your children that will be participating in any HOME events.

  • Include the student’s birthday and grade.

  • Scan and email the completed application to:

  • Make the subject line HOME membership 22/23

Step 2

Pay your $80 annual family membership dues.

  • This can be done via PayPal.

  • HOME’s PayPal address is:

  • Please note that HOME’s PayPal address is a different email than our email used for membership and correspondence.

  • Only send payment Friends & Family.

  • Include parents' names on the memo line.

  • Payment can also be done via check.

  • Please note that the check must be received and processed prior to enrollment in classes. For this reason, PayPal is recommended.

  • Make the check payable to HOME.

  • Mail the check to P.O. Box 25896, Fayetteville, NC 28314

Step 3

Register for classes for HOME’s Enrichment Day Co-Op

  • Send one email, per student, per class that you wish to take.

  • If you have two children wanting to take the same class, then you will need to send two separate emails.

  • Send class registrations to:

  • Please note that the class registration email is a different email than the one used for membership and correspondence.

  • Class Name = Subject Line of Your Email

  • Student Name = Include 1st and Last Name as the Body of Your Email

Below is an example of how your email should look.

Note the student name is in the body of the email and the subject line is the name of the class I’m choosing.

Be sure to send this email to

Remember we need one email per student per class.

If you are registering for a class that is nearly full, you may also register for a back-up class in the same time slot.

If you do this, then make sure to label the other class as a back-up class in the body of the email.

Below is an example of how that email should look.

This is the only way we will know how to slot your child if you register for two classes in the same time period.

Step 4

Pay your facilitators.

  • Payment must be received NLT Friday, August 6th at 8 PM

  • Facilitators’ payment information is found in the course description.

  • If paying by PayPal, you must send payment via the Friends and Family option.

  • Place your student’s name and the class name on the menu line.

  • If payment is not received by the date and time, then your student will be dropped to the bottom of the waitlist.

Step 5

Prepare for the new HOME year.

  • Order any needed books or materials. This information is in the course descriptions.

  • Ask for membership into our Facebook group and/or our Band group.



  • Attend one of the required HOME membership meetings being held at Southview Baptist Church in August.

    • Option 1: August 16th @ 6PM

    • Option 2: August 23rd @ 11AM